Let's Review Geometry (Let's Review Series) by Lawrence Leff

Let's Review Geometry (Let's Review Series)

Book Title: Let's Review Geometry (Let's Review Series)

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 1438003757

Author: Lawrence Leff

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Lawrence Leff with Let's Review Geometry (Let's Review Series)

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This updated book includes the material found in the previous edition along with an all-new 32-page color supplement of Common Core material. Students can use this one review guide to prepare for their Geometry Regents Exams whether or not their district has adopted the new Common Core-based Regents exam. Inside, separate chapters analyze and explain: the language of geometry; parallel lines and polygons; congruent triangles and inequalities; special quadrilaterals and coordinates; similarity (including ratio and proportion, and proving products equal); right triangles and trigonometry; circles and angle measurement; transformation geometry; locus and coordinates; and working in space (an introduction to solid geometry). Includes the recently-released Official Test Sampler for Regents Geometry for more practice and review. Answers provided for all questions.